It’s Time: Prison Equality


For the entire existence of the United States, men have dominated women among nearly all demographics. One of the worst discrepancies between the sexes lies in our prison populations. According to, men outnumber women by nearly an eleven-to-one ratio.  That kind of injustice cannot stand in [current year].


It’s 2018! While this chart cites 2010 data, we can’t expect anything to have changed in Trump’s America. Most likely there are even fewer women who are granted a cell in these government-run havens. So I say: it’s time. It’s time for more women to get a place at the table. Anyone who claims to be a true ally to women and equality must agree that this disparate level of imprisonment is unacceptable.  If we do the work, we can get 3.6 million more women in by 2025.

Get out on the streets ladies! Picket your local incarceration center and demand they let you in.  Steal that tube of lipstick from Macy’s in full view of the security cameras. Assault the next man you see spreading his legs on the subway. Have a few too many drinks and skip the Uber; drive yourself home. Hold up a liquor store or take a dump on a police car. Whatever you have to do, do it! We can’t let men win another battle of superiority.  It’s time to end prison inequality.


Featured Image: Orange Is The New Black – Netflix

The preceding article is, in fact, an attempt at satire. Though satire is becoming increasingly difficult to create and identify due to the nature of “progressive” arguments and a wave of political correctness, we feel the need to explicitly say that this is NOT an actual argument and should not be taken seriously by anyone.

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