Owen Benjamin – The Hero We Need

I’ve been obsessed with Owen Benjamin lately. [It’s a healthy obsession, I swear! I can stop any time I want!]  For those who may not know, Owen is a comedian and actor who has recently decided to speak out against some of the progressive lunacy that is swallowing our culture. He has been in movies and done a whole lot of stand up, but I had no idea he was on the right until he appeared on Louder with Crowder. He’s a seriously smart dude who lets us watch himself figuring out the world via his ‘Why Didn’t They Laugh’ podcast and through his Twitter ramblings.

His latest foray into a politically charged issue was a Twitter battle about giving children sex changes. It started with a simple rebuttal to another comic riddled with white guilt, then somehow the thread devolved into Owen calling out the guy’s boss, Jesse Thorn, for letting his 6 year old son believe he is a girl.

There was a whole lot of back and forth that you can go look at if you’re interested.    Owen had hundreds of tweets directed at him calling him a bigot for expressing these views.  That’s not the issue I have with this.  You expect the social justice mob to melt down if you so much as mention a trans person.  But people have the right to say whatever they want in a public sphere such as Twitter, even when they’re apparently insane.

The worst part of this scenario is some joyless twat decided it was worth their time to go tattling to the school administrators at UConn, costing Owen a gig and later his agent:

Seriously, some cunt had the thought process of: “Hey, this guy has an opinion that I find offensive. I’ll go and try to ruin his livelihood for it! And because I’m offended, no one else should be allowed to enjoy his comedy either!”  And the administration, falling in line with so many other college administrators, showed their complete lack of cajones in caving to these social justice warrior babies.

The arguments about trans individuals here aren’t really relevant.  Mr. Benjamin’s objections appear to be to parents’ borderline abuse of their offspring. And if the parents are feeding into delusion and pushing life-altering drugs to pre-pubescent kids, that should qualify as abuse. Children don’t have the mental capacity to even know what gender means, let alone to decide to undergo irreversible hormonal treatments. I’m all for adults doing whatever they like to themselves, and I’m sure Owen would agree.  People were acting like he is attacking a child, which is wrong as well.  He is clearly calling out Mr. Thorn for parading his boy around as a girl.  How many times have you heard a child say “I’m a dinosaur” or “I’m a Power Ranger”, et cetera?  Is the parent a bigot for not treating that child in every way like a dinosaur or a power ranger? Of course not. Indulging delusions in small children isn’t healthy.

Thank you Owen for being one of a select few who are willing to express a counter-argument to the increasingly fascist hard-left status quo.  Expressing an alternate opinion, right or wrong, should not limit your income or lead to harassment. It’s something we’ve seen over and over with public people, especially those that fall on the right of the political spectrum.  It takes people with an audience like Owen Benjamin to say ‘enough with the crazy’ so we don’t all fall into this black hole of PC insanity. Like all of us, he doesn’t have all the answers. But as he often says: “I may be wrong, but I’m not lying”.


Also, thanks for being my new dad.


I’ll buy you a beer or three if you’re in my city. Cheers!

P.S. Even our sister site, HuffPo, published an article saying how crazy this all is. There is hope for the world after all!  What Happened to Owen Benjamin…



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