New World Religion: An Update

It takes a big man to admit when he was wrong. I am not that big of a man, however, so I’m only going to admit that I was not completely right. In a couple of previous articles I described climate change activism as the New World Religion, but I was too focused on one issue. It really is the entirety of the progressive platform that brings people to the level of vitriol that used to be reserved for the religious right wing.

Where evangelicals used to get out their torches and pitchforks for blasphemy against God, the progressive left now goes after anyone they accuse of wrongthink against their new god. That god is one of inclusion, equality, and environmentalism–at least on the surface. In practice, inclusion applies to skin colors far more than any differing ideas, equality means perpetual victimhood for the “oppressed” and self-flagellation for the “privileged”, and environmentalism turns to a fanaticism for pseudo-science. Progressivism is the church and the true deity is the State.


Instead of Adam & Eve’s original sin of eating the forbidden fruit, privilege stands in as the sin of all white males. Many people have been discussing this very idea lately, and I know you won’t believe me but I started writing this before I heard anyone mention it. I heard Peter Boghossian talking about this on the Rubin Report, and he brought up a great point: in Christianity, there is a redemption model. There is a way to absolve sins in every sect of the religion, though it differs slightly. With progressivism there is no absolution. Cis-gendered heterosexual white males will forever be asked to recuse themselves from any conversation surrounding race or sexuality. Nothing they do will ever be enough to sate the social justice whiners.

Now for the requisite over-explanation: I don’t think this is liberals doing this. I do make a distinction between liberal and progressive, and there are still sane democrats that haven’t fallen for the traps of progressivism.  Much of this poor behavior comes from college campuses where a bunch of grown children are still finding their place in the world. It is incubated by professors who have no real life experience, who are idealistic and faux-philosophers following the Marxist tradition. We’ve seen so many examples of exclusion from the progressive left in colleges though, and it’s a disturbing trend. So many people have been the target of protests and riots for holding views that are conservative, or simply not up to their hyper-sensitive standards.  Even liberals like Christina Sommers and Dave Rubin have been shouted at and protested just for having conversations with Republicans. When you are anything to the right of Stalin, you automatically become a Nazi bigot to these people.

Equality is a tenet constantly promoted by the progressive hive mind, and it ties right into inclusion.  Equality sounds like such a good principle, worthy of worship. No one thinks we shouldn’t have equality.  But their definition of equality means that supposed oppressed minority groups deserve special treatment. “Marginalized” peoples need to take priority in every aspect of life, and it will never be enough. Ultimately it means equality of outcomes over equal opportunity.  This idea will never be possible. It’s a pipe dream, it simply cannot happen in the real world.

Instead, let us judge people on “the content of their character” rather than skin color or sexual preference.  Let’s make sure that if someone is denied an oppportunity based on skin color, that is rectified. That also includes white people. However, if you continually define yourself and others based solely on physical characteristics, we will keep regressing as a society and never move beyond the racial divide. If that offends you then there is no helping you, and you’ll continue to be somehow more annoying than evangelicals.


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