New World Religion: Bill Nye & The March for “Science”

One of my first articles on this site explained my thoughts on how climate change has become a new world religion.  Well last week the “March for Science” took place in Washington D.C. and helped further my case, and I’m not the only one to notice. Harvard professor Jeremy Faust penned an op-ed for Slate to give a scathing rebuke of the current state of “Science” activism:

Let’s start with my contention that most “pro-science” demonstrators have no idea what they were demonstrating about. Being “pro-science” has become a bizarre cultural phenomenon in which liberals (and other members of the cultural elite) engage in public displays of self-reckoned intelligence as a kind of performance art, while demonstrating zero evidence to justify it.

…there is very little indication that what happened on Saturday will counter these misconceptions. Instead, the march revealed the glaring dissonance of opposing that trough of ignorance by instead accepting a cringe-worthy hive-mind mentality that celebrates Science as a vague but wonderful entity, what Richard Feynman called “cargo cult science.” There was an uncomfortable dronelike fealty to the concept—an oxymoronic faith that information presented and packaged to us as Science need not be further scrutinized before being smugly celebrated en masse. That is not intellectually rigorous thought—instead, it’s another kind of religion, and it is perhaps as terrifying as the thing it is trying to fight.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  While I applaud people for caring about and trying to do some good for scientific progress, their methods border on fanatical. I suspect the group therapy session was in part a response to some budget proposal that cuts back on research grants, combined with President Trump’s comments during the 2016 election where he said global warming is a lie invented by the Chinese government. Even as grossly uninformed as Trump is, the religious zealotry for pseudo-science is equally ignorant.

Speaking at the science march was Bill Nye, everyone’s favorite “Science Guy”. I’ll admit I loved his show as a kid, but his scientific credentials end at “children’s show”.  In case you had any remaining notion of Bill’s credibility, this monstrosity was set loose on the planet on Nye’s new Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves The World”.*

Christ, what a cunt.  No, not the girl “singing” but Bill. Even for something so horribly wrong, it’s unbelievably bad. There is not an ounce of science to be found.  What happened to you dude?

This kind of thinking has become so forced upon society that thousands of people are willing to proselytize in the name of their newfound religion. Ben Shapiro, another Harvard grad, wrote this piece for the National Review in the same vein. He says:

This is the dirty little secret of the Left’s sudden embrace of Science™ — it’s not science they support, but religion. They support that which they believe but cannot prove and do not care about proving. Bill Nye isn’t interested in a scientific debate about global warming — how much is occurring, the measurement techniques at issue, the sensitivity of the climate to carbon emissions, the range of factors that affect the climate. He wants you to accept his version of the truth — not just that global warming is happening, but that massive government intervention is necessary in order to avert imminent global catastrophe.

That’s not to mention when Bill suggested jailing people who disagree with the consensus of the day on climate change. Gee, that sounds awfully reminiscent of the same closed-minded religious thinking that got people like Galileo imprisoned. We’re not giving that kind of control to Christianity, and it’s not going to happen for Scientism either.

I probably should mention again, I’m not against science at all.  I don’t even deny the climate is changing. It’s the cult-like preaching and arrogance that the climate change crowd displays on a regular basis.  Asking any questions labels you a denier of science, and includes a lifetime ban from the church of acceptable progressive thought. Yet questioning is exactly what science is all about.  That type of attitude is what turns people like me off, and ultimately hurts your cause.


*I also wrote a line in “A New World Religion” blasting the absurdity of these political/cultural elites like Bill Nye thinking they can save the world.  Right on cue, his show comes out and is title is seriously “Bill Nye Saves The World”.  So I’m taking credit for that and for inspiring Ben Shapiro and Dr. Faust to compare “Science” activism with religion. -_-

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