Why So Critical of The Left?

So far on this blog I’ve been pretty critical of the left, but don’t get me wrong–I have huge problems with the right and especially the current GOP.  Right now it is super fashionable to bash the right, and it’s often tempting to want to join in and be a part of the cool crowd.  The Republican party today absolutely does not represent me, but the left has gone so far off the deep end there’s no way in hell I’d be caught calling myself a Democrat. If I went back in time 30, maybe even just 20 years, I could probably fit in to that category.  If I were old enough at the time I think I would have voted for Bill Clinton. But as the Democratic party continues to embrace socialism and collectivism, identity politics, and radical feminism, I’m keeping my distance.

But why not criticize the right more? Listen to Youtuber Sargon of Akkad, a liberal in the UK talk about this exact subject. For the TL;DW people, I transcribed the highlights below. He essentially says that he doesn’t criticize the right much because he doesn’t want to help them. As a liberal he sees the sinking ship and is trying to fix his own vessel before launching torpedoes at the other side.

I think at worst they will be mildly oppressive to poor people. And I say mildly, I don’t think they’re gonna be that oppressive to poor people. And minorities…

The things that the left are f***ing arguing for and fighting for are so systemically catastrophic in the long run if they were to get their way. And they call themselves radicals! They call for the overthrow of capitalism, they call for communism and socialism. They call for all this cultural Marxist stuff…all of this intersectional stuff that is just designed to tear apart the western liberal tradition, [its] coming from the left.

These c***s are shutting down free speech and free expression and free thought on college campuses… walking into a f***ing social totalitarian system where you can’t speak out of line is terrifying….

These people want to police your f***ing thoughts. They care about whether you’re biased or not. It’s my business! I have the biases I want to have, it’s not your right to come into my head and make accusations [saying] ‘you’re biased’. Well, so what if I f***ing was? It doesn’t mean I’m going to discriminate against someone.

…I’m saying– you don’t seem to understand the world around you, and it seems to be because of your ideology. You seem to have deliberate blind spots, and you’re incredibly bigoted. And the conspiracy theories–God. ‘White men are the problem with everything’ Oh yeah, I’m sure they are. It’s that simple. It’s also the Jews who are the Neo-Nazis, you know… It’s so dumb, and bigoted…. ‘Oh, men are oppressing women’–shut up. That is so dense. It’s just so one-sided.

And then you’ve got the race thing, where you treat other races like they’re children. If I thought we had to be equals I would never treat a white person the way that Black Lives Matter and social justice warriors treat black people. I would NEVER do that. It’s unconscionable, it’s so condescending.  It’s demonstrably a demonstration of you not treating them as your equals. That’s racism–you just have a guilty conscience about it… you don’t see them as equals.

The left is total cancer, I’m sorry, I hate to say it. Everything collectivist about it has to be removed. Then the right can have the cancerous collectivists.

I don’t think the average Joe on the progressive left thinkthey are doing anything wrong.  They really believe they are helping minorities, women, etc. with their protests, affirmative action, endless welfare, and wage gap myths. However, as Sargon says, you really are treating them like children. You act as if they can’t stand on their own feet. You create a victimhood mentality that does no good for anyone. If there is really a law or system in place that is holding back one group of individuals, please show me and I’ll be right there with you to get it stopped.  Just stop with the tantrums, the virtue signalling and the bigotry of low expectations. Then maybe we can make liberalism great again.

Featured Image: Newsweek

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