SJWs Strike Again: Colin Moriarty

The insane hyper-sensitive social justice warriors have screeched their way to a man losing his job over some benign comment on social media. The offending tweet? This is it:


Seriously. Many people expressed their displeasure in replies to the post, most of them just “disappointed” that he would dare make such a joke on such a holy day of celebration of women.  There were also some more regressive threats lobbed his way. Someone brought up his wife and he came back with a perfect response (for 140 characters):


Colin said later in an interview that he went to bed thinking nothing of it, then woke up to all kinds of crazy responses. His partners at Kinda Funny were apparently not happy which led to Colin being forced to leave the site that he co-founded. To make matters worse, the International Business Times picked up the “story” and published this headline:


Take a second and scroll back up to the original tweet.  How in the f*ck do you derive anything remotely racist from that? It has to be this progressive wave to correlate every little thing to skin color. It’s so embedded in their thought process that the Freudian slip worked its way right into the headline. They did later retract the word ‘racist’, but the damage was done.

I had never heard of Colin or Kinda Funny until he was a guest on The Rubin Report, a YouTube show that I highly recommend. He was interviewed a few days before this firestorm, and they discussed his conservative/libertarian views which include freedom of speech.

Of course, the 1st amendment applies only to government being unable to restrict speech, not individuals expressing concern over what was clearly a joke. You certainly have the right to be triggered about whatever you want.  But I have the right to call you out for your insanity. Going after someone’s livelihood because of a simple joke is egregious, no matter how much you disagree with it. This seems like another political hit job by the tolerant left.

I’ll keep this short because it’s been discussed to death if you follow anyone in this circle of political discussion. You can watch Colin coming for a return interview on the Rubin Report, or on Joe Rogan‘s very popular podcast discussing in detail what happened.  And in this case it worked out for Mr. Moriarty, he is starting a new online show called Colin’s Last Stand and has received overwhelming financial support through Patreon.  There is no content there as of this writing, so I can’t say if it will be any good, but it’s probably worth checking out.


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