The Unholy Alliance; Chapter 1


If I had to pick just one thing that drives me crazy about the progressive left, it is easily the grotesque marriage of modern liberalism and the doctrine of Islam.  I have no qualms in saying that Islam contains an absolutely reprehensible set of ideas that, when practiced to the letter, lead to very disturbing conditions for those in its path. And yes, a majority of the time those people in the way are other Muslims.  Yet many on the left run screaming in its defense when these bad ideas are pointed out.

Take Ben Affleck on Real Time in 2014.  I have this moment to thank for leading me down the rabbit hole of YouTube political discussion and ultimately the creation of this blog. Watch Affleck instantly lose his shit when Sam Harris tries to insert some logic and fact into the discourse.  This whole clip is 10 minutes long, but the first few minutes should get the point across:

Sam Harris is an extremely smart and well educated man.  He has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience from UCLA and has written several books criticizing Christianity and other religions, including Islam. He’s also very liberal, which makes the whole situation even more crazy. Then here comes Affleck who just cannot accept that criticism of a certain religion is anything other than “GROSS!” or “RACIST!”  Harris tries to cite polls but is immediately shouted down by the panel.  The problem with Affleck and progressives in general is they cannot separate criticism of the doctrine with hating people. Instead of being able to discuss an ideology, they prefer we bury our heads in the sand:

I have no doubt that hateful prejudice exists in some people, it’s undeniable.  But also undeniable is that the values espoused by Islam are not compatible with Western standards of behavior.  I have to assume that anyone who blindly rushes to defend Islam does not really know the tenets of the religion. They must not know how women, homosexuals, rape victims, Christians, atheists, Muslim apostates, Jews, or others are treated by these people. And this behavior is informed and justified fully by the Quran and Hadith.

Like Affleck, you could say that this is a small minority of people that do these things. That’s likely true, but based on polls that Harris was trying to describe there is overwhelming support for practices of Sharia law not just in Muslim majority countries, but by Muslims living in Western countries like the UK.  So even though most of these people aren’t throwing gays off of buildings or stoning victims of rape, they certainly aren’t going to do anything to stop it.  I will discuss this in greater detail in future chapters.

In this series I hope to explain what cannot be solved in a ten minute panel discussion: why Islam is dangerous and why the left is shooting itself in the foot by rushing to its defense. I would love to be able to simply say “Islam is crazy”, and any rational person would agree and we move on.  I’m also willing to say “Christianity is crazy”, but there would be no backlash from that.  The craziness in extreme Christians doesn’t even come close to radical Muslims.  Unfortunately, simple criticism is met with shrieks of all kinds of slurs like bigot, racist, xenophobe, and so on. I would like people to understand that rejection of an ideology does not equate to hating anyone or complete desire for exclusion of those people from our society.

I simply want to be able to discuss the topic without being immediately shouted down. I want to express concern about the horrors that occur in the name of this religion. Ignoring the obvious problems won’t make them go away, and sadly, just loving our middle eastern neighbors isn’t going to solve anything either.  In the long run, some hurt feelings are a small price to pay for exposing the truth.

This is just an introduction to this topic, so before you jump on some of the points I’ve made without evidence, hold your horses. There is more on the way. Check in with Chapter 2, coming soon.

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